A charming all-ages picture book about the endless dance between idea and execution. Brainpickings

Brilliantly imagined. It is an idea that has been perfectly, impeccably realised. Waterstones

Rilla’s rhyming text and limited colour palette gives the book a striking energy, her line is confident and energetic, and we love how the thought process is captured in contemplative green while the ‘doing’ is optimistic sunshine yellow.  The Illustrated Forest

Kids will delight at realising Sozi’s helper is right here, physically in front of them: Rilla’s story can come to life in their hands, not just in their heads. Playing by the book

Rilla Alexander's gentle rhythm carries the story through to a most satisfying conclusion. Her carefully picked palette is most extraordinary bringing energy, movement and joy to the pages. My Book Corner  

There's so many things that come together to make this book as lovely as it is - and you can tell the story has been written from the heart. Emmeline Pidgen

A book to be enjoyed by people of all ages who have ever struggled to bring a dream, a thought, into reality.  It opens up a world of opportunities for discussion inside and outside of the classroom. I am looking forward to sharing it with students. Librarian's Quest

The work Rilla creates is that of a highly-accomplished, well-traveled artist whose work deserves to be treated as something special and sacred – as I’m sure it will be, for many boys and girls both now and in years to come. Skwigly

Her Idea addresses the whole concept of procrastination and how we move on from one idea to the next, never truly finishing any of them. Ring any bells? It certainly does with us! Picture Books Blogger

My kids liked Sozi very much and my son in particular related to her putting things off until later – a great Putter Offer, that one. He loved seeing the reward Sozi gets for getting on with things – disappearing into a story of her own creation. Little Booktastic

This stunning book takes a special place on my shelves alongside other classic picture books by graphic designers Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Bruno Munari. 50 Watts