It celebrates the very thing it is - brilliant books and wonderful stories. Read it Daddy

A celebration of books that sweeps readers along with its dynamic artwork, perfectly paced structure and infectious enthusiasm for reading. Look/Book

To quote one of many exuberant, action-packed spreads: “Enjoy the ride!” Kirkus Reviews

Are the worlds she’s exploring in her imagination, linked to her engagement with the book?…Or is she literally travelling the world…? Readers can debate and decide. Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

(It’s about) finding that one book that sucks you in to another world and you just can’t put it down. The Bookworm Baby

The book’s pace slows nicely at its close (“Slow down! Rest your eyes”), as the girl sleeps, knowing that the story won’t go away if she goes right back to the beginning the next day. Julie Danielson for Kirkus

There is something special in this book that transcends the work itself. Rilla has crafted a story about the power of books to take us places, but in her text it's as if she has written an incantation to breathe the words alive. The Busy Librarian

Versatile and vibrant, Rilla’s characters and worlds are as unlimited as those on offer on the best of bookshelves and in the greatest libraries. Her pages are full of life and colour, and her design is flawless. The Illustrated Forest

Her words encourage us to find the pure elation. When you read her text aloud (even to yourself), there is an undercurrent of cheerful comfort. Librarian's Quest

An unforgettable and magical tale that encourages children to read. The Best Book in the World draws young readers into the richly rewarding world of books. Magpie That